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groguru-long-logo.pngAdvanced Irrigation Monitoring and Management 


GroGuru is focused on enabling farmers to do strategic irrigation management.

The GroGuru solution is buried in the ground and sensors are located at various root depths.

We deploy the sensors in the farmers field, which is an implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Farmers purchase the hardware and then subscribe to the GroGuru annual service (i.e., Software as a Service, or SaaS).

A lease subsciption model is also avaiable to farmers that prefer to not purchase the hardware.

Full customer support: You will have a team of professionals at your fingertips every step of the way.






How it Works – AgTech IoT


(1) For the GroGuru WUGS solution, sensors and the WUGS underground unit are buried below the till depth and has a 5 years battery life. This enables a permanent installaton, even in annual crops with a destructive harvest like broad acre row crops.

If you substitute the GroGuru STEM-based solution, sensors are typically installed at 1, 2 and 3 feet deep next to the root structure of the perrenial crop, and cables are used to connect to the above ground telemetry. The STEM solution still provides a permanent installation in perrenial crops like fruit and nut trees.

(2) With WUGS undeground sensors communicates via our proprietary wireless underground system, without cables, to an easy to remove LoRa network bridge. With STEM, the communication from the sensors to the above ground telemetry occurs over cables.

(3) A base unit bridges from LoRa to LTE and transmits the data to the cloud. We add other information about soil type, crop type and weather and apply machine learning to make recommendations to farmers about when and how much to irrigate.

(4) We provide the recommendations via a simple user interface.

(5) Farmers then have the information to do more strategic irrigation. It is all about apply the right amount of water at the right times to optimize crop yield and crop quality.





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